It's been a lifelong dream of mine to build a brand and create products that are not only stylish, well-made, and sustainable but also resonate with my passions and values. With nearly 20 years of experience of working as a womenswear designer and consultant for brands worldwide, I've continually questioned what type of product I wanted to create and how to navigate this fast-paced, ever-changing world of business and fashion.

My ideas began to take shape when I took a break from London and relocated to New Zealand in 2019. Being surrounded by nature and a world away from the pace of London life, I had the clarity to envision what direction I wanted to take for my new venture. 

Travel has always been integral to my life, immersing myself in different cultures and ways of life, and living in different countries has consistently fuelled my creativity. In addition to this, growing up with my family running a travel business - I've been surrounded by the excitement of discovering new destinations from a young age. Visit The Luxury Travel Book to find out more

My passion for travel, surf and adventure, combined with a desire for simple yet stylish pieces to wear whilst abroad, inspired me to reimagine the classic sarong -  a timeless garment with roots in cultures across the globe.

My mother, a native of New Zealand, has long been a style inspiration for me. From raiding her wardrobe as a child to admiring her effortless styling of sarongs during our travels, her influence has shaped my appreciation for the elegance and versatility of this garment.


Driven by a commitment to sustainability, our sarongs are made from dead-stock fabrics, utilising excess material to create limited collections. This dedication reflects our vision to contribute step-by-step to a more sustainable fashion industry. The skirts are made from woven cotton blends in stripes and bold checks - each one meticulously finished with the brands signature black cotton binding on the inside. Grounded in the philosophy of everyday luxury, they epitomise timeless wearability.

Multi-functional and size-inclusive, each sarong feature long ties that enable wearers to experiment with different ways of styling. With no darts, the slits can be placed as desired, accommodating sizes UK 8-14. For ease and convenient travel packing, each sarong comes rolled in a self-fabric drawcord bag.

You can see the full collection of sarongs here.

We hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about the backstory and inspiration behind our brand. We're excited to embark on this next adventure with you!

Lucie Marquis, Founder