Lucie Marquis is a fashion designer and design consultant with 15 years of experience working for contemporary labels and high end fashion houses in Europe. She founded her brand in 2020, wanting to explore other ways of designing and creating collections, celebrating fashion old and new. There is a visual story telling and narrative behind the collections, celebrating individuality - with a strong attention to colour and detail.

‘I founded the Lucie Marquis Studio with the central philosophy of creating stylish and timeless products in a sustainable way, being mindful of the world around us. The idea of the studio is to create a space for creativity and collaborative projects. It will be a place for me to work with other designers and artists to produce pieces that sit alongside the main Lucie Marquis collection.'

'Born and raised in London, I have been inspired by the city’s culture, art and music scene from a young age. In contrast to this, with my mother’s roots in New Zealand, I have always had a love of exploring and adventures which have led me to spending more time in New Zealand over the years. The combination and contrast of London’s city culture and New Zealand’s natural beauty have always had an impact on my work and lifestyle. I want the brand to take you on a journey and embody a feeling of 70s escapism with the excitement and energy of a modern city.’

Lucie Marquis, Founder + Creative Director

The T-Shirts

The first collection is a line of printed t-shirts using photos taken on her travels in the north island of New Zealand. Since the 1960s, T-shirts have flourished as a form of personal expression. They have been commonly used to make a political or personal statement. From the Vivienne Westwood punk t-shirts in the 70’s, and the Katherine Hamnett's slogan t-shirts in the 80’s, to a collection of favourite band t-shirts - they have always been a source of inspiration, and represent memories of an era. There is a nostalgia to a t-shirt, that makes them feel like a souvenir of the times. 

The Archive

The Lucie Marquis Archive  is an online showcase to explore a love of vintage fashion and outfitting - a curated collection of pieces that have been sourced in New Zealand, looking at ways of being resourceful and creating a circular system for clothes, as well as exploring story telling through styling.

'My mission is to inspire ways of putting outfits together and encourage the customer to experiment with colour and layering. I have always been inspired by the idea of ‘dressing up’ whether it be my dressing up box as a child filled with my mum’s 70’s and 80’s hand me downs, or simply getting ready for a night out. For me, fashion can be both playful and sophisticated, comfortable and elegant, and I love creating different ways to achieve these looks.'

'I have spent many years hunting and sourcing clothes and accessories around the world and have used them as inspiration when designing. I love the history of clothes and the stories behind them. I love the excitement of finding a second hand piece – a one off item that no one else has. Some of the pieces in the Archive have been updated and tweaked to give them a more modern look. It has now became an integral part of my business and I’m excited to share my collection with you.'

Thanks for taking the time to find out more about the brand, we look forward to taking you on the journey with us. If you would like to find out more, please contact us or visit us on Instagram @luciemarquisstudio