Fashion has always been exciting in its response to what is happening around the world – it is a mirror of the times and reflects the phases we go through. It is now more important than ever that the industry pays close attention to how we manufacture clothes, where fabrics are sourced, and how we consume.

Sustainability is not only about creating a timeless product that lasts, but also about the conscious decisions we make to create those products, growing organically, collaborating and working with like-minded people to make key changes.


We chose to work with suppliers who put responsible sourcing and manufacturing at the centre of their business.

They are also certified by OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 which ensures that products are free from dangerous substances—chemicals like pesticides, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and undesirable surfactants. The certification is designed to ensure the effect the dyeing industry has on the environment is minimised and the garments are safe for consumers as well as the people who make and sell them.


All our T-Shirts are screen printed using water based inks as opposed to plastisol inks. Plastisol ink contains PVC (plastics), or phthalates (chemicals), that require turps and heavy chemicals to clean off screens. Water based inks are free from harmful and toxic chemicals, they have a softer hand feel - which means they last longer and wear really well over time. 


With an effort to eliminate single use plastic from the supply chain, we are keeping all the packaging to a minimum and using compostable alternatives, the shipping packs are made by The Better Packaging Co. They are biodegradable in 3-6 months and waterproof, check them out here.


We are dedicated to supporting environmental causes and a proportion of the proceeds of the sales of the t-shirts will go to Sea Legacy who are on a mission to create healthier more abundant oceans.

“Oceans are the lifeblood of Earth, If they go, we go with them”

Sign the petition on their website to be part of the action in saving Antartica and follow them on Instagram @sealegacy to support everything they do.