Sustainability, extends beyond creating timeless products; it encompasses the conscious choices we make throughout the entire production process. By fostering organic growth, engaging in meaningful collaborations, and partnering with like-minded individuals, we actively contribute to pivotal changes in the industry. Our commitment to sustainability is woven into every facet of our brand, ensuring that we not only create products that stand the test of time but also champion a responsible and mindful approach to fashion.


We exclusively use deadstock fabrics to make our collections - they are fabrics sourced from surplus materials leftover by brands, or textile mills due to over ordering or over sampling. These fabrics are commonly referred to as 'end-of-line', 'mill overruns', 'cancelled orders', or 'designer excess'. When deadstock fabrics remain in the system, these fabrics generally become waste, destined for landfill or incineration where they generate greenhouse gas and other toxic emissions. 

By incorporating these deadstock fabrics into our collections, we actively disrupt the cycle of waste. This not only helps mitigate the environmental impact but also allows us to create limited collections, adding an element of uniqueness to our sustainable approach. 


With an effort to eliminate single use plastic from the supply chain, we are keeping all the packaging to a minimum and using compostable alternatives, the shipping packs are made by Unicorn PackThey are carbon negative, biodegradable, waterproof and reusable. They are made to decompose under favourable composting conditions. Put it with your kitchen scraps and garden waste in the home compost bin and it will disappear in weeks - you can find out more about compostable packaging here.


We are dedicated to supporting environmental causes and a proportion of the proceeds of the sales will go to our chosen charity. We are currently in discussion with a future partnership.