| a feeling of happiness or pleasure | 

someone or something that radiates warmth, cheer, or happiness |

At the heart of our brand lies a celebration of the sun's core attributes: its positivity, light, warmth and its invitation to explore the world. Since ancient times, humanity has been captivated by the celestial dance of the sun. Its omnipresence in our lives shapes the rhythms of our days and seasons, serving as both a literal and metaphorical guiding light.

| From left to right; Unknown Source | Artwork by Daren Thomas Magee @realfunwow |

The sun symbolises a rich tapestry of meanings across diverse cultures and religions. From ancient civilisations to modern societies, it has been revered as a source of life, vitality, and enlightenment, transcending borders and languages.

Like the sun's rays nourishing life on Earth, our aim is to infuse every aspect of our brand with the same vitality and vibrancy.

| From left to right; Unknown Source | Found on Equator Journal |

Our sun logo features on the back label of every sarong and is screen printed on our t-shirts, it serves as a reminder to embrace the sun's inspiration wherever our travels take us and be a positive force in the world.

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